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Symptoms of a Spyware or Adware Infected Computer

  • Endless pop-up browser windows
  • redirected to unwanted web sites
  • unexpected toolbars in your web browser
  • unexpected or new icons task tray
  • browser's home page suddenly changes
  • certain keys fail to work in your browser (e.g. the tab key)
  • random Windows error messages appear
  • your computer suddenly seems very slow when opening programs or processing tasks
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    Spyware Detection

    There are many products available today that are able to detect and delete Spyware on your computer. A quick search of the Internet will turn up lots of companies ready to sell "Antispyware" to anyone with a credit card. You can buy products to protect against Spyware, warn you if Spyware is present on your computer and automatically delete any Spyware detected.

    But look a little closer and you will also find many excellent free programs able to detect and remove Spyware. A good resource to start with is Spyware Info, they carry recomendations for all sorts of software products that concern Internet privacy. There are even a site (Spyware Checker) with almost a thousand software titles in their database that will tell you if your software is spyware or not. You just type in the software you'd like to download, and the site will tell you if it's Spyware or not. Other sites will walk you through the process to delete the software without leaving any Spyware behind on you system.

    Turning the Tables, When spying is good

    Finding software to actually spy for you is not quite so simple. Why would you need spy software? If your kids are online you need to know what they are seeing and who they are chatting with. If you have employees you need to know that they are productive.

    You can find software that will record all e-mail and instant message communication. You can record images of the computer screen, and even have them sent to your e-mail address. There is software that will limit the amount of time spent on the Internet, or limit the kinds of sites visited.

    You won't find this kind of software for free, but there are Internet sites dedicated to selling and supporting this Internet monitoring software. Protecting your computer from Spyware is important, but making sure your kids are safe from the darker side of the Internet should be an even greater priority.


    To find more spyware, adware, and computer virus related websites input the phrase "anti virus software" directly into the search box below or simply type in your own search phrase to see over 1 million other online privacy websites.
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