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Symptoms of a Spyware or Adware Infected Computer

  • Endless pop-up browser windows
  • redirected to unwanted web sites
  • unexpected toolbars in your web browser
  • unexpected or new icons task tray
  • browser's home page suddenly changes
  • certain keys fail to work in your browser (e.g. the tab key)
  • random Windows error messages appear
  • your computer suddenly seems very slow when opening programs or processing tasks
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    What is Spyware Software?

    Spyware software is a program, usually downloaded for free from the Internet, that sends information from the user's computer without their knowledge whenever the computer connects to the Internet. Usually the information sent is benign in nature, mostly concerned with general marketing information (ie., spending habits) rather than specific information like credit card numbers, although some programs are capable of retrieving specific information as well.

    The problem with Spyware software lies in the fact that this information is transmitted without informed consent. Additionally, Spyware software programs are sometimes poorly written, containing bugs and causing the computer to malfunction. These spyware software programs do not respect your privacy. It does not know whether the computer user is a child and will destroy the privacy of your children.

    To find more spyware, adware, and computer virus related websites input the phrase "anti virus software" directly into the search box below or simply type in your own search phrase to see over 1 million other online privacy websites.
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