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Symptoms of a Spyware or Adware Infected Computer

  • Endless pop-up browser windows
  • redirected to unwanted web sites
  • unexpected toolbars in your web browser
  • unexpected or new icons task tray
  • browser's home page suddenly changes
  • certain keys fail to work in your browser (e.g. the tab key)
  • random Windows error messages appear
  • your computer suddenly seems very slow when opening programs or processing tasks
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    Kids and the Internet Without Porn: Internet Filtering Software

    Imagine a small child, six or seven maybe, logging on to the internet. During his search for a favorite cartoon character he accidentally stumbles across one of those ubiquitous web sites. The one with the black background and the thumbnail pics of naked lesbians.

    Not a pretty daydream, is it? If your child surfs the internet this is a potential reality every day. The Internet is a valuable learning tool, even for young children, but sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits.

    Safety in Software

    The newest fix for this dilema is Internet filtering software. You load the software into your computer and tell it what kind of sites to filter out. You can even create a different profile for each family member. Some filtering software offers a timer option, so the Internet will shut off automatically after a preset amount of time. This eliminates fights about how much surfing your child is allowed.

    Internet filtering software has lots of great options available. You can either block access to inappropriate sites or allow access to positive sites. The software typically comes with lists of sites that are updated frequently, or you can hand select sites that you want your children to see. You can even have the software keep a log of all the e-mail sent and received.

    An alternative kind of Internet filtering software allows you to filter junk mail out of your e-mail. This software offers different level filters, so you can custom tailor the amount and type of mail allowed in.

    You can find web filtering software online. This Internet filtering software is instantly downloadable and generally comes with good tech support.


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