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Symptoms of a Spyware or Adware Infected Computer

  • Endless pop-up browser windows
  • redirected to unwanted web sites
  • unexpected toolbars in your web browser
  • unexpected or new icons task tray
  • browser's home page suddenly changes
  • certain keys fail to work in your browser (e.g. the tab key)
  • random Windows error messages appear
  • your computer suddenly seems very slow when opening programs or processing tasks
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    Signs of a cheating spouse. Red flags to look for.

    The following are but a few signs of cheating spouse "red flags", "paper trails" and "behavioral changes" which may indicate a cheating spouse:

    • Discovery of a post office box can be a sign of cheating.
    • The toilet bowl seat is up, (men) and when you left home it was down. Your wife could be cheating unless the toliet bowl smells clean.

    • The passenger seat in the car has been moved and is not in the usual position.
    • An unusual number of hang ups or wrong number calls are signs of spouse cheating.
    • Fragrances of colognes and/or perfumes are noticed on clothing are dead giveaway signs.
    • Automobile mileage is unusual for claims made by spouse.
    • Your spouse explains a late return home as a result of having to drive out of town on business, but yet the mileage on the car indicates less than ten miles driven.
    • Discover the recent opening of another checking account can be a sign of cheating.
    • Unaccounted for hairs of a different color on clothing are suspicious signs.
    • Cigarette smoke on clothing that can not be explained.

    • Credit card transactions for unknown or unusual types of purchases.
    • Cosmetic, perfume or lipstick purchases listed but not received.
    • An increase in toll and/or long distance calls.
    • Unordinary or unexplained increase in ATM withdrawals are big signs. Check the transaction record to ID the withdrawal for:
    • Location - You live in an area that is an unexplained distance from the ATM withdrawal.
    • Time and Date - ATM withdrawal is recorded at a time when the spouse should be elsewhere, such as at work.
    • Florist or jewelry bills.
    • Credit card gas purchases that are inconsistent for the amount of miles driven on the car.


    • Joins a health gym or weight reducing clinic.
    • Visits made to the tanning salon.
    • New hair style.
    • Wearing hair spray, colognes & perfumes more often.
    • Excessive buying of new and different clothes are obvious signs.
    • Sudden and unexplained change in clothing style.
    • Other blatant signs are the buying of sexy underwear or lingerie that you never see them wear.
    • There is an unexplained aloofness or indifference in the relationship.

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